Founded in 1905, Punta de Lobos, Inc. (SPL) has been a pioneer in Chilean salt production, distribution and sales. Recognized worldwide for its tradition, high standards in production and its product quality, the Lobos brand is one of today’s salt industry leaders.

SPL operates one of the world’s largest open-pit deposits of sodium chloride. Located 60 miles south of Iquique, the Tarapacá salt flat boasts unique and privileged characteristics: close proximity to port, high levels of purity, low levels of bromine and heavy metals, absence of organic material, and a stable and controllable chemical quality.
The salt flat has a surface area of 45 kilometers long by 5 kilometers wide and a depth that varies from 60 to 120 meters, boasting reserves to meet the global demand for 5 thousand years.

Since 2006, SPL belongs to the German K + S Group, a worldwide leader in the production of salt and fertilizers.
As a brand, Lobos represents one of the most successful cases of development of its kind in Chile, considering its sustained leadership in the salt market and its capacity for innovation and continual diversification, incorporating new formats, designs and products, and expanding its participation in a number of industries throughout the country.

Lobos salt is extracted from one of the leading salt sources in the world, in a privileged strategic location, thanks to the area’s climate and broad range of logistics choices.

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    Making use of one of the most noble and ancient natural resources on the planet. Lobos has developed a wide range of products to meet each of the many consumer needs at home, in the workplace or for outdoor activities.

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    A long time ago, salt formed part of purification rituals for the body and soul in some European civilizations.

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